The Deevolution Of Man Returns

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So, I’m back.  This time with added security.

For whatever reason and this is the third time for me, someone finds it fun, or necessary to hack into my site change the password and do what?

This in turn prompts me to pick up a hammer and smash things – my computer is usually the first to die, the table it sits on falls next, the walls and television are next in line ( I did learn a valuable lesson after the second time this happened – unplug all devices which utilize electricity or use a rubber mallet for these devices , as the after effects can be hair raising!) After which I look for any object that will crunch, crack, snap or explode as I pummel it.

Pounding on a pillow for example, just doesn’t bring the same relief or satisfaction that I get from pummeling something  that snaps and crumbles under my fury.



There seems to be some type of primal urge satisfied by hearing something snap or crunch as one pounds on it.

I suspect this urge comes from watching one too many Batman episodes as a child.


Although pounding on something soft and mushy, doesn’t feel as good as breaking a television it is much safer and less injurious to myself. Unless of course that something soft and mushy were to be the lazy asshole that fucked up my site.  Then I suspect that the screaming and begging for mercy would more than make up for the lack of a crunch.

So….more to come.